Technology Companies To Avoid

Let's Face It... Through everyday dealings, we come across companies and organizations that just don't offer value, perform as promised, or just plain stink when it comes to customer service. I'm not a big fan of paying some poor guy the equivalent of $1.30 a week to deal with an upset customer while hiding him in India or Pakistan or China or the Phillipines.

You may have seen an ad on television for a company called "Finally Fast". - I've had a few new clients "try their service prior to contacting me and needless to say, it's a pretty lousy business. Double billings, archaic customer service, "non-refundable" charges - your basic digital black hole. So remember, or is a good place to stay away from. They get our March 2009 nomination for "Next US Company to get Outsourced To India" Award - Good Luck.

Rates: $80.00 - $150.00 /hr
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